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Your Source Chiropractic Dunedin Team

The Source Chiropractic Dunedin has one of the most talented health care teams in the Tampa Bay Area. With a huge variety of techniques and approaches, we offer chiropractic like it's never been experienced before. We insure that every patient can have their needs met by our eclectic team of passionate Doctors.

We specialize in nerve system focused chiropractic to correct the cause of the problems, usually stuck in a dysregulated nervous system. Our team prides ourselves on our vast skillset in chiropractic that unites physical and energetic care. We are experts in Light Touch Tonal Chiropractic, Dynamic Sports Chiropractic, Upper Cervical Chiropractic, Pediatric, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Chiropractic, and Long Term Corrective Chiropractic making our team have the ability to help people of all ages, sizes, and severities. 

We look forward to getting to know you and showing you the Chiropractic Care you didn't know existed. 

Dr. Dyllon Mawn

Family Chiropractor - Owner

Florida native, Dr. Dyllon, found chiropractic when he was 15 years old watching his dad begin to reverse diabetes with the help of chiropractic. From that moment on, he knew he wanted to empower others to heal naturally.


Dr. Dyllon attended Life University for chiropractic graduate school, the largest and most diverse chiropractic college in the world. While there, he was a club facilitator for Kairos Training Culture where he helped his peers develop their chiropractic artistry. He attended over 60 extracurricular seminars where he learned from some of the best chiropractors in the world.


Not only is he a Chiropractor, Dr. Dyllon also travels the country as a Lead Facilitator with Kairos Training Culture teaching other chiropractors and chiropractic students how to develop their adjusting artistry. He facilitates breath work and meditation classes and teaches a variety of workshops designed to help people harness the present moment and get more out of their lives. His motto is to always be living “more life per moment!”


His unshakeable purpose is to facilitate the evolution of humanity empowering them to unwind trauma, restore connection, and transform into their highest self. After working with thousands of people, he has found that growth happens best when you acknowledge what trauma needs to be released and allow space for the new self to emerge.


Dr. Caleb Gressett

Family Chiropractor 

Beginning his journey all the way from Jackson, Mississippi, Dr. Caleb practiced chiropractic for a year before uprooting from his home state and planting himself in the sunshine state. “During that year of practice, I realized the true power of chiropractic and how it goes so much deeper than your typical neck and back pain. Everything I believed about health and healthcare has radically shifted my entire life. It is my mission to share, demonstrate and BE the power of natural healing through chiropractic.”


After getting his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at Mississippi College, Dr. Caleb attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida. While at Palmer, he became a facilitator for Kairos Training Culture where he helped his fellow colleagues evolve their chiropractic artistry as well as connection to self and to the world around them. In addition to maintaining academic excellence and facilitation of chiropractic, Dr. Caleb spent his extra time coaching Crossfit classes where he assessed and taught classes on proper biomechanics, mental fortitude and community. “I look at chiropractic just as I do leading Crossfit classes. There is nothing more fulfilling than to help others reach their highest potential and accomplish what they once thought to be impossible.”

Dr. Caleb believes every human being is completely unique and should be receiving chiropractic care in accordance to their specific needs. “No one human is the same; therefore, every person that I serve will receive care that is completely tailored to their values and needs. The days of cookie cutter adjustments and disconnected doctor visits are over. I am here to deliver care for individuals that are ready to make transformations in all aspects of their life. You will get nothing short of my best.”

His unshakeable purpose is to empower those who are truly ready to heal from within and to let go of beliefs that no longer serve them so they may feel heard, supported and most of all…LOVED. “Healing happens in community; you don’t have to do it by yourself. You’d be surprised at what can happen when you allow yourself to let go of stories that no longer serve you. I am here to help you change the narrative of what is possible in your life.”


Dr. Shelby Witorff

Family Chiropractor 

Dr. Shelby found chiropractic after an injury in CrossFit. She was determined to heal her body from the inside out and chiropractic allowed her to do just that. She was also able to continue doing the sport that she loves to do and has now been doing CrossFit for over 8 years.


Dr. Shelby is originally from Mississippi. She fell in love with Florida after attending Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida. Dr. Shelby has been practicing chiropractic in Mississippi since 2019. She found Kairos Training Culture after she graduated from school and has been training with them ever since. She has attended numerous training camps and seminars over the years in order to develop her mastery in the art of chiropractic. When Dr. Shelby is not adjusting, you can find her in the gym, hanging out with her pups or reading a good book.


Her unshakeable purpose is to help reconnect those that feel unworthy back to their true self so that they can live a life full of expression, freedom, and love. Through constant learning and self- growth, she has found that once you can learn to love yourself unconditionally, through all of the good and not so good times, you gain a freedom of self that no other person can give you. Then and only then, can you fully express who you are meant to be.


Dr. Evan Rudd

Family Chiropractor 

Dr. Evan grew up on the west coast of Florida and went to undergraduate school at the University of Central Florida. While in his last semester of school, he met a professor that happened to be a chiropractor and received his first adjustment at the age of 21 years old. Immediately after his first adjustment, he could feel his future starting to shift. After 21 years of life WITHOUT chiropractic, it gave him an even greater appreciation for life WITH chiropractic. 


Within weeks of his first adjustment, Dr. Evan was accepted into Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Florida Campus where he had undergone a massive transformation. He met a group of chiropractors through Kairos Training Culture that showed him how chiropractic is more than just aches, pains, pops, and cracks. 


This group, Kairos Training Culture, had introduced him to a whole new way of connecting and adjusting people, while harnessing the power of the present moment. Two years into his training with KTC, he became a Club Facilitator at the school, sparking inspiration and evolution amongst the students. From that point on, Dr. Evan has been working consistently to stay clear and connected to the present moment via meditation, breath work, and physical exercise. This way, he can bring the present moment to people on the table and give his absolute best every single day. 


His unshakeable purpose is to get people off of auto-pilot and increase mindfulness. He wants to lead by example by living in integrity and in full authenticity. Overall, he wants to empower everyone to release their self inflicted suffering and guide them back to their own Utopia. 


Your Front Desk Team



Office Manager


Chiropractic Assistant 

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